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Patient education

At UHEAL, we provide the much needed information concerning the eye diseases, their causes, possible treatment and prevention measures. The following is a write up of some of the most common eye ailments:


Images entering the eye are focused on to the retina by the lens. The retina converts the image to an electrical signal which is sent to the brain via the optic nerve. It is your brain that sees. Failure of the lens to sufficiently focus the image results in blurry sight. ... Learn more about CATARACT>> 


Diabetes is a disease where the body loses the ability to utilize the sugar in the blood. Elevated blood sugar levels over time lead to damage in the blood vessels especially in the small caliber vessels that are found in the retina. ...Learn more about DIABETIC EYE DISEASE>>


Glaucoma is the 2nd leading cause of blindness worldwide. Blindness resulting from glaucoma is IRREVERSIBLE. Because it has NO early symptoms, it is difficult to detect without regular examination by an eye specialist. ...Learn more about GLAUCOMA>>


Vision problems in children can be serious but if treated early, the child’s vision can be protected. Children’s eyes are not small adult eyes. They have unique characteristics that must be understood when performing an eye exam. ...Learn more about PEDIATRIC EXAMINATION>>


The corneal is the transparent front part of the eye. It covers the iris (the colored part of the eye) and the pupil (the central black hole in the iris). Any condition that changes the transparency or the shape of the corneal can lead to loss of sight. ...Learn more about the CORNEA>>


An acute retinal detachment is a medical emergency requiring prompt surgical intervention to restore/preserve vision.
The retina is a photosensitive layer that lines the back of the eye and converts optical images electrical signal for onward transmission to the brain via the optic nerve. Due to various cause, the retina can peel of from the underlying layer. ...Learn more about the RETINAL DETACHMENT>>


If one is to draw a perpendicular line through the pupil and into the eye, it would land on the retina in a place called the macula. It is an area approximately 1500 micrometers and is responsible for READING/DETAILED/COLOR vision.  ...Lear more about the MACULA>>


An annual eye examination is strongly advised for anyone 40 years and above. The risk profile for Glaucoma increase significantly with age. It is painless and the vision loss permanent. Cataract becomes a significant issue in persons older than 50 yrs as well as Age Related Macular degeneration. ...Learn more about the COMPREHENSIVE EYE EXAMINATION>>



You should visit an Eye Specialist once per year for routine checkup.For more information Contact Upper Hill Eye & Laser Centre (UHEAL) Nairobi Kenya or any other eye specialist near you.


UHEAL Physicians

Dr Kibata Githeko
Vitreo-Retinal /Pediatric Eye Surgeon
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Dr Joy Kabiru
Oculoplastic and Adnexal Surgeon
MB.ChB, M.Med (Ophth), Oculoplastic & Adnexal Surgery (Vancouver, London)
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Dr Gichuhi
Cornea & Cataract Surgeon
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