Comprehensive Eye Examination(Patient Education)

An annual eye examination is strongly advised for anyone 40 years and above. The risk profile for Glaucoma increase significantly with age. It is painless and the vision loss permanent. Cataract becomes a significant issue in persons older than 50 yrs as well as Age Related Macular degeneration.

For diabetic patients, an annual eye examination is a must to prevent diabetic related visual loss. A comprehensive eye examination at UHEAL involves;
  • Visual acuity examination
  • Intraocular pressure measurement and Pachymetery.
  • Visual field testing.
  • OCT retina imaging
  • Retina Photography
It takes about an hour and is strictly by appointment. There is no other centre in East and Central Africa that has the equipment found at UHEAL. We do not prescribe or sell eye glasses but refer to some of the leading optometrists in Nairobi.
You should visit an Eye Specialist once per year for routine checkup.For more information Contact Upper Hill Eye & Laser Centre (UHEAL) Nairobi Kenya or any other eye specialist near you.

UHEAL Physicians

Dr Kibata Githeko
Vitreo-Retinal /Pediatric Eye Surgeon
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Dr Joy Kabiru
Oculoplastic and Adnexal Surgeon
MB.ChB, M.Med (Ophth), Oculoplastic & Adnexal Surgery (Vancouver, London)
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Dr Gichuhi
Cornea & Cataract Surgeon
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